Wood Floor Finishes & Treatments

    Give your wood flooring a boost with our range of wood floor finishes. Lacquers, varnishes, and paints not only make your floors more hard-wearing and last longer but they also enhance the natural look of your wood flooring. Explore our variety of wood flooring treatment products to match any decor from contemporary to rustic.

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    Wood Floor Varnish, Polish, & Paint


    Extend the life of your wood flooring with a professional finish or treatment. We have a vast range of wood flooring products to provide a finish after installation, regular maintenance, or a complete rejuvenation.

    Our wood floor varnishes and lacquers come in a range of finishes, such as matt, gloss, and satin, enhancing the appeal of the natural wood in different ways. As well as looking great, varnish or lacquer acts as a protective sealant for your wood floors. It’s waterproof, stain, and abrasion-resistant. 

    You may be looking for a wood floor polish to keep your wood floors looking bright and fresh all year round. Also, explore our wood floor paint options if you wish to create a standout look or cover up markings that can’t be sanded away. All of our wood floor maintenance products are super easy to apply and make for a striking enhancement to your wood flooring.

    If you’re a professional floor fitter or adept at DIY, we also have everything you need to install wood flooring. This includes high-quality underlay, floor adhesive, floor sealers, and more wood flooring accessories.

    Though we have bases in London and Dorset, we ship wood flooring and accessories throughout the UK as well as internationally.

    The Benefits of Wood Floor Finishes


    Wood floor finishes create a protective layer on top of your flooring making it stronger and more durable, even in rooms with lots of foot traffic. Some varnishes are even manufactured specifically for heavy foot traffic such as the Uniqua SQ Semi Gloss.

    A wood floor treatment is necessary for any room that might feel the impact of condensation as it stops the floor from absorbing liquids. Varnishes and lacquers also act as a UV filter. So if there’s a room that gets plenty of sunlight, the natural colours of your flooring won’t fade.

    Plus, wood floor finishes are hugely beneficial to households with children, pets, or people who have busy lifestyles. This is because wood floor treatment products make the wood more resistant to stains and scratches.

    Cover Up

    If you spot imperfections that you can’t get rid of through cleaning or sanding, it doesn’t necessarily mean your wood flooring is at the end of its lifespan. Our wood floor paints provide a solid colour finish that covers the wood entirely, covering up imperfections and giving your wood flooring a fresh look. 

    Easy Cleaning

    Natural wood flooring has a porous surface. Over time, dirt and bacteria may build up in the pores if the wood is left untreated. Wood floor finishes like varnish seal the pores meaning dirt won’t accumulate and your floors are much easier to clean.

    An Attractive Look

    Wood floor varnishes, lacquers and polishes come in a variety of finishes meaning you’ll be able to achieve the right look to fit the decor of a room. We even offer an invisible look sealer so you can enjoy the practical benefits of a varnish while maintaining the fully natural look of the wood which is great if you want to create a contemporary, bohemian, or Scandi vibe.

    Why Choose The Wooden Floor Specialists?

    Quality Products - Thanks to years of experience in the industry, we’re able to carefully select the best wooden floor maintenance products, supplying only high-quality yet simple-to-use treatments and finishes to our customers.

    Easy Application - All of our wood floor finishes apply cleanly and uniformly making your job easy. Our lacquers and varnishes are water-based which means they dry much quicker than other products.

    Excellent Customer Care - We’re trusted by large organisations, small businesses, craftspeople, and individuals across the country thanks to our reputation for providing an efficient and thorough service.

    Expertise - Our team is made up of skilled craftspeople who can answer all of your questions about wood flooring treatment products. What’s more, we’ll give you impartial advice so you’ll come away with the right information, under no pressure to buy.

    Quick & Easy - As well as working with all the major payment providers we offer a speedy, easy checkout using G Pay or Shop Pay. And you can expect to receive your delivery in 2-4 days, perhaps even sooner if you’re local to one of our bases.

    How to Choose the Right Wood Floor Treatment Products

    There are a few criteria you should think about when you choose a wood floor finish. First think about how durable it needs to be, as in how much foot traffic, moving furniture, and so on your wood floor will experience. 

    Next, think about what you want to achieve with your wood floor treatment. Are we talking general wood floor maintenance, a simple freshening up, or a redesign? Also, think about how simple the product is to use. For example, does it go on evenly? Does it dry quickly? And so on.

    With all of this in mind, here are three major wood floor treatment products to consider:

    Wood Floor Varnish

    Varnish and lacquer are incredibly durable and suited to high-traffic rooms. The type of wood floor varnish you choose will depend on the look you hope to achieve. Matte varnish, for example, doesn't reflect light and acts as a sealant that’s barely there, just enhancing the natural wood. Gloss varnish reflects more light and makes a room look bigger. While satin has the best of both worlds, reflecting the light subtly.

    Wood Floor Paint

    Paint has a different effect to lacquers and varnishes. You might choose wood floor paint in a vibrant colour, such as our Uniqua Floor Paint in Copper, to make a design statement. Alternatively, it’s the ideal floor treatment if your flooring has seen better days and needs a cover-up.

    Wood Floor Polish

    Choose wood floor polish if your flooring needs a quick refresh rather than a full finish or cover-up. Polishes are used for regular wood floor maintenance to keep your floors looking clean and bright throughout their lifetime. Use a natural wax polish like our Lux polish for parquet flooring as it looks great and the wax acts as a seal to protect the floor.

    Get In Touch to Learn More About Our Wood Flooring Products

    Still unsure about which wood floor finish to use? Our experts have decades of experience working with many different wood flooring products. Simply give us a call on 0208 675 2431 or send a message to our team and we’ll make the right recommendations to suit your individual needs.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Some of the most popular finishes for a timber floor are polyurethane, wax, shellac, and varnish. You may also see the word lacquer which is an industry term for varnish. These finishes add a protective layer and harden your wood flooring. So it’s recommended you apply one of these wood floor treatments before it experiences the wear and tear of daily life.

    Wood floor varnish is thought to give the most natural-looking finish as it doesn’t dramatically change the look of the natural wood underneath as a stain would for example. The clear coating simply enhances what’s already there showing all of the grains and patterning of the original timber.

    Matte and shiny wood flooring treatment products such as varnish and lacquer offer an equal amount of durability and protection. Whether you go for matte or gloss varnish is a style choice. Shinier finishes suit sleek, modern interiors, while matte finishes are the best option for more industrial, minimalist, or rustic decors.

    Wood floor lacquers and varnishes are the toughest wood floor finishes, protecting flooring from water, heat, and UV rays as well as stains and scratches. You can even choose extra durable wood floor maintenance products that are made specifically for rooms with lots of action and foot traffic.
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